Friday, September 23, 2011

Sydney Holbrook

Syd was such a sweet and surprisingly easy-going bride. She had every reason to be high maintenance, she was anything but. I'll put in the email she sent me explaining her dilemma.

Dear Bride shop, 
    It was nothing short of a pure pleasure doing business with you. I had made the mistake of going to another shop in town and after they let me down, (to say the least, my dress didn’t get ordered but they had already take my money, and I found out about the mix up just a few weeks before my wedding) I rushed to the bide shop because I was fascinated by the dresses I saw in the window. I was greeted by Elise who was nothing short of amazing this women was accommodating and understanding which is just what I needed, due to the lack of time I had she helped me find a floor sample that was beautiful, I ended up liking this dress more than the original one I bought. Elise went the extra mile and worked with me on every level from setting up alterations, to offering a pressure free environment even though I was down to the wire time wise.  I will also leave a review online but I just wanted to let everyone know what an asset she is to your store. 

Thank you Sydney! We were happy to help.

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