Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Two People to Remember

I have to not only feature my one-of-a-kind, hilarious and stunning bride Brooklyn, but also one of the most miraculous and phenomenal photographers I've seen, the one, the only - David Newkirk.

When Brooklyn walked through the door with her entire posse I automatically fell in love. So much laughter and love. Brooklyn had such good taste, but had a difficult time choosing between two gowns she loved. (I still continue to tell her she made the right choice, although she's aware.) I knew with such a special bride it would be quite the wedding and I knew I would have to see pictures. I was more than ecstatic when I found out that Brooklyn's photographer was my absolute favorite! Previous to the wedding I actually got to meet David and be a part of his work. I am not one to advertise, but friend to friend I am telling you he is who you want to capture your big day. Here is David's website and be sure to check the link to his blog as well, www.davidnewkirk.com. Please, don't take my word for it. David emailed me some pictures of Brooklyn and Tim's wedding so you can see the magic for yourself! Love and adore you both! 

 I couldn't resist putting this one in. The genuine excitement on her face was too perfect!

 Recently David told me, most photographers hate the sun, but it's his best friend. How amazing are the two shots below?

Love this!

Her beautiful Pronovias gown photographs so well.

Congrats Brooklyn and Tim!


  1. I love this barn! Its exactly what I've been looking for! Do you know where this is? I love her dress too, I love all of these dresses! I'm in the very first steps of thinking about my wedding (waiting for the proposal) and I drive pass your store everyday and it only makes me more excited, your store is the first place I'm coming when I get engaged! Unless I loose my will power and come in sooner. Beautiful, beautiful dresses!

  2. Thanks for commenting Tiffany! Brooklyn and Tim were married at Sundance Resort in Park City. It is a gorgeous location. Be sure to check out Utah Bride and Groom's blog, because they will be featuring this lovely couple! If you know you're getting married don't hesitate to come in. Luckily, Brooklyn knew how long it took to get her dress in so she was able to order her dream dress. Plan on up to 4 months to arrive and at least a month to alter.