Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our Bride Corri

We love a gown with texture.

They photograph so well and they are pleasing to the eye
(meaning that they're really fun to look at!)

The reason we bring this up is because you can't get more texture
than our beautiful Bride Corri.

Her gown is so much fun.

If you're going to do a gown with a ton of texture, 
take a couple notes from Corri's look.

There is so much going on with her gown that she stayed more muted
with her accessories.

She added just a little sparkle with her veil and necklace
and it was perfect.

If you have a ton of texture in your gown and add huge pieces of 
jewelry and big crazy bridal hair,
you might end up looking like a showgirl in Vegas.

Just trying to be real with you.

We love her Bridesmaids' bouquets.

There is something so light and carefree about about a bunch of baby's breath,
don't you think?

Congrats Corri!

Your look was perfect.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Designer Shoe Sale

Getting married this Summer?

We're sure all of the big stuff is done.

You have your gown, the venue, your invites.

Well, now it's time to plan for the smaller things and when it comes to picking
your shoes for the big day, 
we've got you covered.

It's that time of year again!

Right now, all of our Designer bridal shoes are $19.99!

We would like you to try to find a better Sale than that.

So whether you're looking for some great heels or just a small flat,
stop by The Brides' Shop and get them for 
an unheard of price.

And we know that you hear this stuff all of the time,
but you really do want to hurry.

They're going fast.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Our Bride Alex

Today we are bringing you one of our favorite Brides.

This is Alex and she was so much fun to work with!

Alex was looking for that classic Bridal look, so she chose
a beautiful lace and tulle ball gown.

The gown was strapless when she purchased it, but with our Seamstresses,
she designed the sleeves to look exactly how she wanted them.

She then added a rhinestone belt to give the gown a little sparkle.

Her look was flawless and her photos by Dezember Photography
captured it perfectly.

Congrats you two!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Style Spotlight

Today we are bringing you one of our favorite gowns in the shop.

This gown is soft, feminine and stunning.

Everything from the lace, to the chiffon, to the beautiful beading
makes this gown an absolute showstopper.

But if you're thinking "I love this gown, but I need a little more coverage," that's
where our incredible Seamstresses come in!

Now, we saved the best for last.

See what we're saying?

Talk about elegant!

If you're loving this gown as much as we are, 
give us a call at (801)322-4324
to make your appointment
to try it on.

This is a gown that people will talk about.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Our Bride Lindsai

There is nothing like a soft lace wedding gown.

Especially if the lace is as delicate and intricate as our Bride Lindsai's.

When looking at her gown, you would almost be hypnotized by 
it's pattern.

Can you tell we love her lace?


We'll stop talking about it.

Everything from her hair to her flowers replicated that same softness.

And these gorgeous photos were taken by Keala Jarvis Photography.

Congrats Lindsai!

We loved working with you and your beautiful lace gown.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Our Bride Sydney

We have shown a few photos of our beautiful Bride Sydney on our
Instagram and we thought it was about time to share it 
with all of you.

And these gorgeous photos were taken by

There are a couple of interesting things to know about Sydney's
lace ball gown.

First, this gown was originally about 8 sizes too big for her!

Our incredible Seamstresses altered it to fit her like a glove.

It was also strapless until we designed sleeves for her.

Sydney's look was classically stunning on her wedding day.

Congrats Sydney!

We loved working with you.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Style Spotlight

Few things are as feminine as a Peplum, but when you add lace?

This is one of our favorite gowns in our shop right now
and nothing makes us happier than when 
a Bride chooses it for her
special day.


If you would like to try this beauty on, call us here at 
The Brides' Shop