Friday, July 29, 2011


We are so excited after spending a week at market and ordering next year's line for Enzoani! This means we have to make room for the 2012 gowns! So if you're in a time crunch or just love a good sale, be sure to stop in and see what we can sell off the rack. Our sample gowns are in really good condition and can usually be altered to fit you. Here are just a few:

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Little Bit About Us...

Sorry it's been a while since I last posted. We've been busy changing the store around and having a lot of brides coming in to get their gowns altered. Wedding season is definitely here!

Weddings are clearly popular in Utah and happening frequently. It seems smart to work in the wedding industry, but it's important to set your bridal shop apart from the other bridal shops. I thought it would be a good idea to do a post on why brides should purchase their gown here and what type of brides are geared to our shop.

Location, location, location. I hate to sound old fashion but it's true. We couldn't have a better location. Our shop is on the north end of downtown, and there if free parking if you don't want to lose your car change to the meters out front. It's an old brick building and connects to a yarn shop, art gallery, furniture store and the old famous Baker's Bakery. It's always nice to go buy a pastry after all the hard work of trying on dresses.

When you walk into a lot of bridal shops it can be a little overwhelming. Multiple brides standing up to the mirrors, dresses everywhere and everyone you know and don't know throwing in their opinion. We do our best to avoid this, although Saturdays are a little busier it still stays pretty calm. We want to give you a calm, once in a life time experience. Shopping for your wedding gown is not like buying a pair of jeans or your new summer swimming suit. Many brides comment that we have a boutique-like feel. We schedule no more than 2 appointments per hour and only except walk-ins if we're free. We like to be able to give our brides one on one attention so if they have any questions we can be of assistance. It's a pretty calming and easy experience.

As far as what brides typically buy here, it is honestly a wide range. It's usually a bride that cares a lot about her dress and wants something really specific or unique. We carry some couture designers and keep our gowns up to date with what's in fashion, but we also like to carry those timeless, classy gowns. We do have a sale room and those gown are usually for brides who need to get a gown quick and buy off the rack, but sometimes brides who have time are surprised to see themselves falling in love with a sale gown.

If you think our shop sounds right for you, call us and set up an appointment! 801.322.4324