Friday, May 30, 2014

Our Bride Stephanie

We love working with Brides from out of town,
like our Bride Stephanie.

Stephanie lives in Washington D.C. and came out to Salt Lake
to find her wedding gown.

She is such a fun girl (the photo above captures her personality perfectly) and we
had a great time helping her pick out
her gown.

Stephanie chose a beautiful A-line lace gown for her special day
and it was absolutely perfect!

Congrats Stephanie!

Thanks for letting us be a part of your big day.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Our Bride Megan

Today, we are bringing you our Bride Megan whose Wedding is being 
featured on Rustic Wedding Chic.

When Megan came to us, she fell in love with the skirt of one of
our gowns, but had a different vision for the bodice.

That is when our Seamstresses swept in and actually designed and made 
a completely different bodice for her gown that was exactly what
Megan was dreaming about.

Their reception was elegant, minimal and chic.

We think we would use those exact same words to describe her gown.

Her special day was captured perfectly by Kimbry Studios.

Megan is one of our favorite Brides and you can see why.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Why Taking Five Minutes Out Of Your Day Will Completely Change Your Bridal Gown Shopping Experience

Today we are bringing you an article that our very own Alex Davis wrote and that is being featured by Wilson Diamonds.
Alex has been in the Bridal Industry for over 15 years and she believes that this advice can make or break your gown shopping experience.

I am standing there in the middle of our shop where an MOB (Mother of the Bride) is screaming at me.  
When I say screaming I'm talking about high pitched, veins coming out of her neck, Real Housewives kind of screaming.

It was terrifying.
As I am standing there with a pleasant look on my face patiently waiting for her to calm down and get everything out so that I can help them, I knew I wasn't the only person she had done this to today.  
The mother then looks at the Bride who is eyeing the dress of her dreams in my shop and tells her that they are leaving and never coming back again and that they are going to tell all of their friends never to shop here.
The door slams and I go back to the Bride I was helping before they came in and she looks at me and says thank you.
Do you want to know what happened?  What I said?  Well, here it is.
"Hi Ladies, how are you?  Do you have an appointment with us today?"
Pretty shocking, huh?
They were angry that they did not have an appointment and that I was already helping a Bride and wouldn't have a room available until later that day when I would have loved to help them.
The reason the Bride I was helping said thank you?  She had just been to a shop that only did Walk-Ins and got zero time and attention.
I wish that I could say that this was the only time that this ever happened, but it has happened a lot.
Can you see what I'm getting at here?
Why, you ask?
1.  The shop will be expecting you and your room will be ready and waiting.
2.  You will have your Bridal Consultant to yourself and they will wait on you hand and foot.
3.  The shop will already know what gowns or types of gown you will want to try on because of the phone conversation you had prior to your appointment.
4.  You will be able to cut any stress you might have in half.
And most importantly...
5.  You deserve it.  You deserve to have the best possible experience with all of the bells and whistles.
Let's rewind to how you make your appointment.
Give us a call at The Brides’ Shop at (801)322-4324 and we will set up an appointment at a time that works best for you.
Easy, huh?
That five minutes (or less) that you just took to make that appointment will change your Bridal Gown shopping experience.

Saturdays are ridiculous for all Bridal Shops.  They are so busy and have so much going on that everyone is kind of running around like chickens with their heads cut off.  If you are at a really great Shop, you will never know how stressed they are behind the scenes, but it will still be kind of crazy.
Take a day off of work and spend that whole day going to different shops and trying on gowns.
Best days to go try on gowns?  Tuesdays and Thursdays.
So what did we learn today?

Get on the horn ladies and make your appointments!
I promise you'll be glad you did.
And so will your mom.

Monday, May 5, 2014

An Expert Weighs In On Picking Out Your Diamond

Who doesn't love talking about Diamonds?

After all, aren't they a girl's best friend?

We know that most of our readers are savvy Brides To Be that don't even have their rings yet, 
so we have teamed up with Wilson Diamonds to help you pick out 
your most important piece of jewelry.

5 Important C’s for Diamond Buying
These are the top 5 things you need to know before starting your search for a beautiful diamond ring.
1.     Carat- The diamond’s carat weight is the amount of mass that a diamond has, or how big it is. Remember, bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes when a diamond is bigger it has poor quality in other areas like cut, color, or clarity.
2.     Color. The ideal diamond is colorless, but this is extremely expensive. The more color that a diamond has, the lower the price will be. Usually as color is added, there is a yellowish or brownish tint to the diamond. You can only see yellow or brown in extreme cases. Slight color can be difficult to notice to the naked eye, and this is an area where people make sacrifices the most when cutting costs.
3.     Clarity- Clarity is a statement of how clear or pure the diamond is. Diamonds of lesser value often have scratches, other mineral particles or air bubbles in them, or other imperfections. These are called inclusions. The more inclusions a diamond has, the lesser the value of the ring. Sometimes this is an area that people make sacrifices in to cut cost because inclusions are not always visible to the naked eye.
4.     Cut- The cut of the diamond is the most important part of the diamond itself. This is because if a diamond is cut too shallow or deep, it lessens the amount of light that can reflect off of the diamond, causing it to have less sparkle.  The ideal diamond is cut with exact precision, making sure that each facet angle is 100% correct so that it glistens from every angle. Another part of cut is the actual shape that you choose. Princess, round, marquise, and asscher are just a few that you can choose from.
5.     Certificate- With every diamond purchase, you should receive a diamond certificate stating the worth of the diamond. This is done by a 3rd party inspector, and it ensures you that you are indeed getting the quality of diamond that the jeweler says you are getting. Sometimes this will include the cost of replacing the stone for insurance reasons.
For more information on knowing the quality of diamonds, visit

Author Bio- Derek Mason is a diamond connoisseur who loves designing and sharing his knowledge with first-time diamond buyers