Friday, September 30, 2011

Jen Rapp

I don't know of a gown that has photographed better than this one. Jen Rapp looked timeless in her Enzoani lace gown! I was thrilled to received her pictures so I could share them with you. Make sure you see the incredible boots she got before even purchasing her gown. They couldn't have fit together any better. This is the email she sent us along with the pictures.

I am sorry it has taken so long to send you some pictures from my wedding August 13th in Valle Crucis, NC. I couldn't decide on which pictures I liked the best so I sent several, my guess is most brides have that problem :)

I also want to thank you and everyone else at The Bride's Shop for helping me find my perfect dress. The wedding was smooth and easy and that really did start with the experience I had with you when I bought my dress. The alterations were minimal, but Oksana was flexible and wonderful to work with as well. It's too bad this only happens once because it was the best/ most fun day of my life! I wish I could wear my dress again and again- it was actually comfortable!

Thank you again so much and I will certainly tell all my single friends where to go when their big day arrives :)

Jen Rapp

Congrats Jen! We wish you the best!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Two People to Remember

I have to not only feature my one-of-a-kind, hilarious and stunning bride Brooklyn, but also one of the most miraculous and phenomenal photographers I've seen, the one, the only - David Newkirk.

When Brooklyn walked through the door with her entire posse I automatically fell in love. So much laughter and love. Brooklyn had such good taste, but had a difficult time choosing between two gowns she loved. (I still continue to tell her she made the right choice, although she's aware.) I knew with such a special bride it would be quite the wedding and I knew I would have to see pictures. I was more than ecstatic when I found out that Brooklyn's photographer was my absolute favorite! Previous to the wedding I actually got to meet David and be a part of his work. I am not one to advertise, but friend to friend I am telling you he is who you want to capture your big day. Here is David's website and be sure to check the link to his blog as well, Please, don't take my word for it. David emailed me some pictures of Brooklyn and Tim's wedding so you can see the magic for yourself! Love and adore you both! 

 I couldn't resist putting this one in. The genuine excitement on her face was too perfect!

 Recently David told me, most photographers hate the sun, but it's his best friend. How amazing are the two shots below?

Love this!

Her beautiful Pronovias gown photographs so well.

Congrats Brooklyn and Tim!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sydney Holbrook

Syd was such a sweet and surprisingly easy-going bride. She had every reason to be high maintenance, she was anything but. I'll put in the email she sent me explaining her dilemma.

Dear Bride shop, 
    It was nothing short of a pure pleasure doing business with you. I had made the mistake of going to another shop in town and after they let me down, (to say the least, my dress didn’t get ordered but they had already take my money, and I found out about the mix up just a few weeks before my wedding) I rushed to the bide shop because I was fascinated by the dresses I saw in the window. I was greeted by Elise who was nothing short of amazing this women was accommodating and understanding which is just what I needed, due to the lack of time I had she helped me find a floor sample that was beautiful, I ended up liking this dress more than the original one I bought. Elise went the extra mile and worked with me on every level from setting up alterations, to offering a pressure free environment even though I was down to the wire time wise.  I will also leave a review online but I just wanted to let everyone know what an asset she is to your store. 

Thank you Sydney! We were happy to help.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our Sensational Seamstress!

We feel so lucky to have such an amazing seamstress at our shop! We truly feel like Oksana is one of a kind and know it's hard to find someone as talented as she is. Oksana's work is so outstanding and remarkable. She always manages to amaze me. She is infamous for saying, "It's not easy, but it's doable." Somehow she seems to make everything come together and look like it was originally made to look like what she has created. She has to make a lot of strapless gowns "temple ready" but is equally as gifted at doing a simple hem or taking a gown in for the perfect fit. She has provided me with some pictures of gowns she has altered and I wanted to share them with our readers.

First I want to share two lovely sisters who both found their gowns here. Two of the sweetest brides I have ever met.

Morgan in a Sottero and Midgley gown

Sabrina in a Sottero and Midgley gown

Believe it or not this next gown started as a halter and Ellen wanted to lose the halter, add a sleeve and have a little open triangle in the back.
Ellen in a Pronovias gown

This next dress I have seen sleeves be added quite a few different ways. Here are two of the ways, and I've also seen it with a really beautiful bolero jacket. Oksana totally recreated the bodice of the gown but still kept with the integrity of the dress.

Chelsea and Whitney in Angelina Faccenda

This next bride already had a bit of a sleeve to work with but it had to be a bit wider, higher neck and taken down about 10 sizes.
Megan in Pronovias

Brittany in San Patrick

Jessica's gown was originally strapless (sorry, I don't have the before picture) and she ended up having left over from the belt to make a bracelet and left over from the shoulder piece to make a hairpiece.

Thank you Oksana! We love you!