Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Transforming A Gown

You come into our Shop and fall in love with a gown, but there is
only one problem.

Maybe the gown doesn't have the right sleeves, or sleeves at all.

Maybe it's not your favorite neckline.

Or maybe the back is too low or not low enough.

Well, that is where our Seamstresses come in and we wanted to show you an 
example of one of these changes.

One of our Brides fell in love with this beautiful lace gown, but the
neckline and sleeves were not what she was looking for.

Here is what our Seamstresses did to make it her dream gown.

We raised the neckline a little bit and gave her the sleeves she was
looking for.

The back was another story.

Even though it is beautiful how it is, it was a little too low for 
our Bride.

We seamlessly raised the back for her and filled
in the sleeves.

Would you believe us if we told you that this was one of our easier

Normally we take completely strapless gowns and totally rebuild
the bodice with beautiful sleeves.

Our alterations to our gowns are what we are known for and it is so fun for us to help Brides
design their dream gowns.

Every Bride wants a Wedding Gown that "looks like it was made for her," and at
The Brides' Shop, our Brides can actually say that their gown
was made especially for them.

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