Monday, May 5, 2014

An Expert Weighs In On Picking Out Your Diamond

Who doesn't love talking about Diamonds?

After all, aren't they a girl's best friend?

We know that most of our readers are savvy Brides To Be that don't even have their rings yet, 
so we have teamed up with Wilson Diamonds to help you pick out 
your most important piece of jewelry.

5 Important C’s for Diamond Buying
These are the top 5 things you need to know before starting your search for a beautiful diamond ring.
1.     Carat- The diamond’s carat weight is the amount of mass that a diamond has, or how big it is. Remember, bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes when a diamond is bigger it has poor quality in other areas like cut, color, or clarity.
2.     Color. The ideal diamond is colorless, but this is extremely expensive. The more color that a diamond has, the lower the price will be. Usually as color is added, there is a yellowish or brownish tint to the diamond. You can only see yellow or brown in extreme cases. Slight color can be difficult to notice to the naked eye, and this is an area where people make sacrifices the most when cutting costs.
3.     Clarity- Clarity is a statement of how clear or pure the diamond is. Diamonds of lesser value often have scratches, other mineral particles or air bubbles in them, or other imperfections. These are called inclusions. The more inclusions a diamond has, the lesser the value of the ring. Sometimes this is an area that people make sacrifices in to cut cost because inclusions are not always visible to the naked eye.
4.     Cut- The cut of the diamond is the most important part of the diamond itself. This is because if a diamond is cut too shallow or deep, it lessens the amount of light that can reflect off of the diamond, causing it to have less sparkle.  The ideal diamond is cut with exact precision, making sure that each facet angle is 100% correct so that it glistens from every angle. Another part of cut is the actual shape that you choose. Princess, round, marquise, and asscher are just a few that you can choose from.
5.     Certificate- With every diamond purchase, you should receive a diamond certificate stating the worth of the diamond. This is done by a 3rd party inspector, and it ensures you that you are indeed getting the quality of diamond that the jeweler says you are getting. Sometimes this will include the cost of replacing the stone for insurance reasons.
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Author Bio- Derek Mason is a diamond connoisseur who loves designing and sharing his knowledge with first-time diamond buyers

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