Friday, March 22, 2013

Altering For The Altar by Jenny Spencer

No sleeves? No straps?  No problem.

Finally!  You've found your dream dress for the big day.  But perhaps it's showing off a bit too much shoulder.  Maybe it's a strappy little number.  Then again, maybe it has no straps at all.
This year, lacy cap sleeves and higher necklines are gracing the runways, raising the idea that modest may be hottest.  If you're considering adding sleeves to your strapless gown, it's important to preserve the gown's original design as you build it up.  The trick: Invest in alterations with a designer or an experienced seamstress.  With a little help from some local pros, your dress will soon be tailor-made to your conservative runway style.

Tips Of The Trade
The experts at The Brides' Shop in downtown Salt Lake know what it takes to transform a gown.  With couture dresses and fabrics constantly in stock, this shop makes it easy to turn a dress into a modest modern masterpiece.
"When we alter your gown, we alter it to your specifications," says Robyn Dunn, owner of The Brides' Shop.  "We try to keep the integrity of the silhouette so you can't even tell that it's been altered.  You get your gown your way."  Follow Dunn's advice to make your altering experience as smooth as silk:

Be An Early Bird
It takes three to four months to order a designer dress in your size.  Add to that three weeks of alterations, and you'll know that it's the early bride who gets the dream dress.

Know The Tricks
Straight necklines are easiest to work with because of their versatility, bodices with lace are the surest way to cover up seam lines.

Find A Jack Of All Trades
Top seamstresses have an artistic imagination and technical skills to match.  Fabrics like organza can be challenging, and ruching or pleating require extra time and talent.

Cut It From The Same Cloth
If possible, find fabric that matches your dress exactly.  Fabric straight form the designer may be your best bet, and many bridal shops carry extra fabric from the dress brands they carry.

Pick up the current issue of  Utah Bride & Groom to see the full article.  Call and book your appointment and we will send this trendsetting mag home with you.

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