Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May Giveaway

If you are watching us closely for our Year of Giveaways, you may
have noticed that we didn't do a Giveaway in April.

To make up for it, we are going to have two winners this time.


Onto the Giveaway.

So, you know that time at every Wedding Celebration where the Groom removes 
a piece of the Bride's lingerie in front of everyone and throws
it at all of his male friends?

Ya know, the good ol' Garter Toss?

Ever wonder why we do it?

Well, according to

"The garter tradition originated back to the 14th century. In parts of Europe the guests of the bride and groom believed having a piece of the bride’s clothing was thought to bring good luck. They would actually destroy the brides dress by ripping off pieces of fabric. Obviously, this tradition did not sit well with the bride, so she began throwing various items to the guests – the garter being one of them. It became customary for the bride to toss the garter to the men. But this also caused a great problem for the bride….sometimes the men would get drunk, become impatient and try to remove the garter ahead of time. Therefore, the custom derived at having the groom remove and toss the garter to the men."

Well then...

We think we can speak for all of us Women when we say that we feel pretty good
about the change that was made.

And if you have guessed by now that we are giving away a garter to two lucky Brides,
then you are right!

If you are one of the lucky Winners, you get to choose from one of
these styles

Ivory and Blue


White with a Rhinestone and Pearl Brooch

All you have to do is enter below and leave us a comment telling us how you
feel about the Garter Toss Tradition.

The Giveaway ends May 28th, so good luck!


  1. I think it's a fun and quirky tradition :) I would love to win this! My wedding is in September.

  2. I think the garter toss tradition, if done tastefully, is fun. :) It also helps the groom not feel left out, since the bride gets to also toss a bouquet.

  3. I feel that the garter toss is a fun way to get the party started or keep it going. The groom does need to behave himself while everyone is watching :) I hope that I can win one!

  4. I feel that the garter toss is a fun way to liven up the party and keep it going! The groom does need to behave himself while he is retrieving it. :) I hope I win one!

  5. I think that the garter toss is extremely traditional and should be added to any type of wedding for some extra spunk! It's the perfect amount of sexy & class!