Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February Giveaway!

The time has come!

That's right friends, it's our second giveaway in our Year of Giveaways!

So, what are we offering?

Well, here is a little trivia question.

What is the difference between a Bride and woman in a beautiful gown?

Give up?

If you guessed "The Veil" then you are right!

We are giving away this beautiful Diamond White veil.
  If you didn't know what Diamond White is, it's a very very light ivory and it can typically be worn with almost any white or ivory gown.

This veil is one of our most popular veils.
Brides love it because of it's beautiful beaded lace trim.

And because it compliments Bridal Gowns beautifully by being simple and elegant.

With its simple comb, it can be placed anywhere in the hair 
and be coupled with your favorite headpiece.

This veil normally retails for $175, but can be yours for free!

All you have to do is enter below and, in our comments, answer the question that it
gives you.

Don't worry if you have entered your answer in the comment section and it doesn't immediately
show up,
it takes a few hours for them to appear.

The Giveaway ends Monday March 2nd.

Good luck!

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  1. I plan on wearing my hair down with loose curls and a veil!!

  2. I plan on wearing my hair down with loose curls and a veil!!

  3. I'm still deciding! I wore my hair pinned low with loose curls flowing out for our engagement party and liked it so I may do that. The wedding is in August so I'm worried it might be too hot to wear down!

  4. a low loose chignon! perfect for a veil. :)

  5. I plan on having my hair down, curly and big! I have long thick hair and want to show it off. My family is making a small face veil from some material from my great Gramma. When She passed away my family saved enough for all the girls in the family so that each of us can have something Of hers on our big day since she won't be able to be there.

  6. In a low braided bun. Something simple and traditional to go with my amazing dress from The Bride's Shop!

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  8. In a low bun with flowers and braids and some curls framing my face... and with GORGEOUS veil from the Brides' Shop.

  9. Half pulled back with curls. :)