Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Our Bride Jessie

We seriously didn't know what to do with ourselves
when we saw these incredible photos of 
our Bride Jessie.

Jessie Alexis Photography really captured Jessie's 
look perfectly.

And if you're wondering why it is so green and lush
in these photos, it's because she got married
in beautiful Seattle.

Jessie's gold sequined gown is honestly one of our favorite gowns
that we have ever done, and we have sold 
a lot of gowns.

Congrats Jessie!

You looked absolutely stunning.


  1. I absolutely LOVED photographing Jessie in this stunning gown. I would be a happy photographer if all my brides were Brides' Shop brides :)

    1. Well, we would love it you photographed all of our Brides!