Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Little History Lesson

It's no secret how much we love our little Shop.

It's not everyday that you get to take a step back into History when 
you go shopping for your Bridal Gown.

Ready for a little History lesson?

Back in the day, our building was the home of Baker Electrics.

Seriously, how cool is this photo?
And now it has been our home for over 50 years!

Yes, we have been in business longer than any other Bridal Shop in Utah.

Now, we think that's something to brag about.

Who's that in the reflection of our window, you ask?

Why, that's the incredible Elizabeth Taylor Frandsen, she is the one that took these fantastic
photos for us.

We are told by almost every Bride that walks through our doors that our Shop
just feels different and it is!

Like we said, we love our little Shop and the fact that it has been a part
of Utah's rich History.

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  1. I do love this little shop, it has something very special. Love these photos, they really show how magical The Brides' Shop is. Miss you guys.