Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to Get Him to Buy the Engagement Ring You Want

 When a bride finds the perfect dress, it is written all over her face! We want you to have that same experience when your sweetie pops the big question. We asked our friends at Wilson Diamonds for some tips on getting the ring you have always dreamed of. Here is what they shared with us:


Being engaged to “Mr. Right” is every woman’s dream. Hopefully, you’ll be wearing your engagement ring ‘til death do you part. Therefore, when he buys an engagement ring, he’s making a huge investment. So, you want him to buy the “perfect” ring that you will wear with pride. How do ensure this? You’ll need to drop subtle hints to ensure that he knows what you like and what you don’t in a ring. Follow these five tips for making sure your husband-to-be buys an engagement ring you truly love:

1) Show Your Soon-to-Be a Picture

If you already know exactly which engagement ring you want, find a clever way for him to see a picture of it. Some savvy brides-to-be have left web browsers open to their dream engagement rings. A more subtle technique is to point out the ring you desire while scanning magazines. Be sure to point out the style, cut, setting and other details you like about the ring.
If he’s not ready to buy a ring anytime soon, do not show him pictures of rings you like. This will just cause him to feel pressured. However, if you’ve both made it abundantly clear that you’re planning to get engaged, this is a great way to get the engagement ring you truly love.

2) Have a Loved One Go with Him

Are you a woman who’s more traditional and too reserved to tell him which ring you desire? If so, why not have one of your close friends or family members help out? This should be someone who knows your taste and style. Share your likes and dislikes before the shopping begins. If you’ve found a specific ring you love, let your helper know. That way, you can direct him to your loved one when he starts dropping hints to figure out what ring you’d like.
Don’t pressure him to talk about engagement rings with your loved ones. This can be an intimidating experience. Simply wait until he comes to you trying to get helpful hints.

3) Help Him Surprise You

This is a great idea for the helplessly romantic. If you like your soon-to-be’s style and taste, then give him a bit more leeway. It’s still a good idea to let him know about any styles, colors, cuts or settings you prefer. Also, point out those styles you would never be caught dead wearing.
If you already know he’s planning to propose, be patient. Don’t urge him too much. He’ll propose when he’s ready.

4) Design Your Engagement Ring Together

Many modern couples choose this route because the soon-to-be bride simply loathes surprises. Some have no idea what style of ring they want. All they know is that they want a one-of-a-kind, customized engagement ring. If this is you, clearly point out that you’re interested in a custom-made ring before the proposal takes place. Then, turn your ring shopping into a couple’s project. All you have to do is locate a quality engagement ring designer you both trust. Then, work together to commission your dream ring.
Once your custom-made engagement ring is finished, there’s only one last decision to make. Do you want him to keep it until he makes a formal marriage proposal? Or, is it more important to you to start wearing your new engagement ring immediately?

This content was written by Derek Mason for Wilson Diamonds, leaders in the engagement and wedding ring industry. Looking for the perfect ring? Order your customized engagement ring from WilsonDiamonds today.

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