Monday, June 24, 2013

Bridesmaid Style

I know we have all heard "You can wear it again!", only to end up with a style specific dress that could only be worn at.... I'm drawing a blank. It really is tough to wear a bridesmaid dress again without looking like your trying too hard. Luckily for modern bridesmaids, the trends are leaning in your favor. With more softly draped chiffons and trendy cocktail dresses making appearances, I am sure any bridesmaid would find an excuse to wear these lovely frocks again!

Brides are letting go of the idea that every bridesmaid must be wearing an identical dress in an identical color. By selecting a favorite designer, a bride can give her okay on color swatches, fabrics, and a selection of styles that her bridesmaids can choose from. That way each girl can choose the silhouette and color that is most flattering to her. 

It is customary for the bridesmaid to pay for her own dress, so when choosing the style, keep price in mind. 
Choose a selection of gowns at varying price points.

Some brides may just hand over color swatches from her wedding and let her bridesmaids choose a dress completely on their own. This definitely ups the odds that the bridesmaid dress can be worn again. 

Your bridesmaids are the girls you love! So show them some love when choosing out the dress they will be wearing on your wedding day!

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Written by Amanda Ivory

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