Thursday, January 17, 2013


When planning a wedding, the bride and groom should decide on what aspects they feel are most important. At The Brides' Shop, we believe the dress is the most important, as it is the gorgeous bride that will be the center of attention all day. However, in a close second, we unanimously agree that photography is the runner up to being most important. A good photographer will capture all the little details that you may miss. A photographer brings out the vibe you are going for and provide you with memories to look back on.

David Newkirk is an overly talented photographer. With a beautiful eye for lighting and his way of capturing intimate moments, his shots never disappoint. We have had many brides take our advice and hire David to capture their special day.

Blush Photography also did a phenomenal job capturing our lovely bride Kendall. We love Brooks ability to bend the rules of formal photography and produce interesting and stunning photographs.

Our bride Daniele chose Alixann Loosle to capture images of her fun and colorful wedding. We love Alixann's style and her ability to capture intimate details of a wedding. Her vision is inspired.

It is so important to find a photographer that fits your style. Every photographer is unique and will bring their own artistic vision to your wedding.

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